Casio Graphic Calculator FX-CG50

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The large, high-resolution colour display with natural illustration shows fractions, square roots and other numerical expressions in the same way as they appear in maths textbooks.
Natural display: Natural V.P.A.M. Colour: over 65,000 colors.Lines x positions: 8 x 21
Display size (in pixels): 216 x 384.Backlighting.
Available RAM/Flash ROM memory: 61 kB/16 MB.Value/constant memory: 28 ,Recall of last input.
Basic mathematics
Scientific notation: 10+2, Sin, cos, tan, and inverse,Hyperbolic functions and inverse,Degree, radian and gradian conversion,
Sexagesimal < > decimal conversion
Polar < > perpendicular conversion
Unit conversions,Calculations to the power of n,Exponential and logarithmic functions,Value tables
Linear equation systems: up to 6.Higher-order polynomial equations: until 6 degrees,Logical operators (AND/OR/etc.).Complex number calculation,Interactive equation solver,Matrices,REF/RREF function,Repeat/response memory,Recursive sequences,GCD and LCM function,Remainder calculation.
Graphic representation
Number of rectangular functions: 20,Number of parametric functions: 20,Number of polar functions: 20,X=f(y) graph,,Inequalities,Zoom, trace function,Conics mode,Dynamic geometry software: reinstalled / Add-In,3D graphics: preinstalled / Add-In.
Financial mathematics
N, %, i, PV, PMT, FV,Amortisation.
Conversion of percentage <> effective interest rate
Interest and compound interest calculation,Annuity maturity date,Day/date calculations,Loans,Depreciation,Investment evaluation,Cost/profit margin calculation
3D-Graph,E-CON4,Catalogue Function,High-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours.
8 lines with 21 characters,Innovative image plot application for photo and video analysis
7 colours can be used in various applications.
Colour-coding to simplify understanding,Natural V.P.A.M. – natural input and output,Solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions.Solve overdetermined and underdetermined equations.Matrix operations,Vector analysis,Unit conversion,Random simulations,Dynamic integral area
Pre-installed geometry add-in.
eActivity,Simple to connect to a PC as a USB mass storage device,Backlighting,Formulary as an add-in.
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