Elago Airpods Belt Clip (compatible with Airpods 1&2) Metallic Dark Gray

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AirPod Protection and Convenient Portability : Case-like carrying clip can be used to protect your AirPods from scratches and impacts all while keeping it close. Clip it to your bag, belt, bicycle, or travel carriers.
Soft Feel Coating : AirPod Carrying Clip provides a smooth texture through a Soft Feel Coating. Coating also adds a layer of protection for your AirPods Case, preventing it from scratching when put in or removed from the clip.
Break Resistant Polycarbonate : The AirPod Carrying Clip is made of durable polycarbonate which is shock-resistant and prevents deformation from continued use.
Detailed Design : As it was precisely designed for the AirPod Case, the clip does not interfere with charging capabilities while offering great protection. (It does not guarantee compatibility with third party cables except Elago Lightning cable.)
SPECS : Detailed information regarding sizing shows that the product is pefectly engineered for the AirPod Case.
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